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Log on to our live and interactive web TV show where anxiety expert Dave Woodward gives up-to-date medical information on the causes, symptoms and latest cures, while anxiety sufferer Zoey Funnell tells her story... read more
Took place on 15/05/2014
Log onto our WebTV show where Dr Pixie McKenna explains digestive issues such as bloating and trapped wind and gives advice on how to manage these conditions, as well as answering all your questions... read more
Took place on 14/04/2014
Watch our live web TV show where Dr Patricia Lohr from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service gives the latest advice on emergency contraception choices available to women in 2014 and answers your questions on which one is right for you... read more
Took place on 17/03/2014
With International Women's Day taking place on 8th March, Friday 7th sees the launch of a newly formed Body Matters panel of experts. Ayse Kocak, the only female CEO of a breast implant manufacturer, joins plastic surgeon Jacqueline Lewis and psychotherapist Norman Wright discuss breast enhancement - is it purely for vanity or in fact a way to give a woman her confidence back?... read more
Took place on 07/03/2014
Log onto our live and interactive web TV show this Valentine's Day to hear about the actual medical condition that results from having a broken heart, as well as ways to get over heart ache and how to keep your heart healthy throughout the year... read more
Took place on 14/02/2014
Log on to our live web TV show where Mark Flannagan, chief executive of the charity Beating Bowel Cancer gives up to date info on the disease as well as advice for people who are embarrassed about talking about the symptoms... read more
Took place on 04/12/2013
Nearly half of people claim to have OCD related traits or behaviours, but how do you know when it's really OCD?
Log on to the live web TV show to find out the symptoms of this mental illness, what it can lead to, what can be done to treat it and what the risks are of ignoring signs... read more
Took place on 13/11/2013

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