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Despite being a nation obsessed with home makeover shows it seems when it comes to revamping our homes some of us can struggle to find our own inspiration, so much so that many of us haven't decorated or renovated their home in the past year.... read more
Took place on 20/03/2013
Renting out your property to holiday makers can be a lucrative business. Whether you have a holiday home, or you rent your actual home out when you head away, or even just a spare room to a traveler when you're still there, there are many ways of making money from existing property.... read more
Took place on 12/12/2012
Log onto our live and interactive WebTV show if you are have fallen in to becoming a landlord, thinking of becoming, or you're already a landlord for expert advice on how to protect yourself against the pitfalls... read more
Took place on 06/11/2012
Log on to our web TV show where we look at how the typical British home has changed in the last 40 years and what the next 40 years will bring as energy efficiency becomes more and more important... read more
Took place on 25/05/2012
DIY-shy Brits could save themselves up to 4,000 pounds a year by learning a few simple home maintenance techniques.... read more
Took place on 15/05/2012
TV presenter Catherine Gee gives her top tips for cost effective and simple renovation around your home this winter... read more
Took place on 12/01/2012
If you're thinking of buying a property then log on to our WebTV show for a comprehensive guide on what you should be checking before your buy... read more
Took place on 11/10/2011

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