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Back On Track With Nell McAndrew

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If you made a New Year’s resolution to get fit or take better care of your health this year, chances are you’ve already broken it. A new survey has revealed that one in three of us who make health-based resolutions give up on them by mid January. Over half of us think maintaining our resolve to lose weight or improve general fitness is harder to do than sticking to financial, professional or emotional resolutions. In fact, one in twenty people quit on the first day.

If you’ve bailed on your resolutions you’ve got two options: either sit around kicking yourself, or do something about it. That’s where celebrity fitness guru Nell McAndrew comes in. As if being a TV presenter, model, sportswoman and doting mum wasn’t enough, superfit Nell is also one of the country’s most sought-after personal trainers. Now, she’s offering her wholehearted support to a new initiative called ‘Fresh Start, Get on Track’ which aims to get us all to achieve our goals and feel great for 2009.

In the company of Jane Abbott from Benenden Healthcare, Nell is hosting our exclusive webchat in which she’ll be dispensing invaluable advice that’s guaranteed to get you re-motivated and feeling the benefits of easy-to-undertake health and fitness strategies right away. She’ll also be answering your questions in the live chat. So send in your queries, log on the chat, and prepare to feel fine in 2009.

Celebrity fitness guru Nell McAndrew joins us live online to discuss the ‘Fresh Start, Get on Track’ fitness campaign

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