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How to create a productive workforce

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Many employers may be breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve survived the past two turbulent years but the challenge now will be to keep hold of talented employees. Having scaled back on benefits like pensions, healthcare or smaller niceties like free coffee and biscuits, it’s only the stark unemployment rate that has kept their staff from walking out the front door and not returning.

But with green shoots reported more frequently in the news, businesses are now facing some tough questions. How can we keep workers engaged and happy, and make sure we have the best talent for when the upturn happens? What do employees want from work, and what can management provide them with to safeguard the next generation of business successes?

Now the HR chief for one of the world’s biggest brands (and one of the top 30 UK companies to work for) is set to reveal her top tips for creating a workplace that actually works for managers and their teams. Cath Bailey, European Head of HR for food giant Kellogg’s, will be on our live Web TV show to answer any of your questions about the small things you can do to reward employees who have stuck by your side throughout the recent months.

She’ll be joined by Helen Whitten, from work life balance organisation Positiveworks and former deputy chair of the Work Life Balance Trust, to explain how businesses of all shapes and sizes can maximise the benefits they offer by tailoring them to each employee.

So whether you’re a small business wondering how you can afford rewards to keep up motivation and performance, an FTSE-500 company interested in how award winners optimise staff relations, or a hard-working employee wanting to tell us what works for them, log on to our exclusive Web TV show and submit your questions to two of the best motivators in the country.

Cath Bailey and Helen Whitten join us live online to discuss what makes the perfect workplace.

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