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Time to reassess your career values?

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As this year's series of the Apprentice draws to a close, millions of viewers will be on the edge of their seats, fascinated to see who will pass the 'job interview from hell'. The lucky winner will definitely have earned the six-figure salary working for Sir Alan Sugar – but how many of us would really like to emulate them?

According to new research by VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), it's not as many people as you may think. But what do we really want from our career? Are we motivated by money? Is happiness at work important? Do we want a role where we can make a difference to the lives of others?

As the recession continues to bite more and more of us find ourselves reassessing our career values, and increasingly Brits are turning to voluntary work, whether at home or overseas, as a way of furthering their personal development.

So if you're seeking a change in career, looking for a break from the rat race, or are simply interested to find out more about voluntary work both here and abroad, make sure you log onto our Web TV show with, Lucinda Ledgerwood. Famed as the beret-wearing contender from last year's Apprentice, Lucinda has decided to take a career break to volunteer overseas. Along with the UK Director of VSO Judith Brodie, Lucinda will be giving some top advice on how and where you can become a volunteer and how it can broaden your horizons.

Last year's apprentice star Lucinda Ledgerwood and VSO UK Director Judith Brodie join us live online to discuss volunteering opportunities both here in the UK and abroad.

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