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UK unemployment is constantly hitting the headlines as it hovers around the 2 million mark. It’s no one’s idea of good news and with companies laying off more staff, it seems that the idea of hiring is far from anyone’s mind. Yet faced with the pressure and competition, ensuring you have the best staff available is essential. Gordon Brown has recently pledged his commitment to creating an additional 35,000 apprenticeships across the UK, which could help your business thrive through the downturn. In this live WebTV show you can find out just how an apprenticeship scheme can work for you and your company.

Research by the Learning & Skills Council shows that UK businesses agree that apprentices are crucial during the economic crisis. As well as generating greater productivity, apprenticeships boost employee motivation and job satisfaction. Typically taking between one and four years to complete, apprenticeships could be the key to building your business through the recession.

When we think of apprenticeships we tend to think of the male dominated trade industry roles, such as plumbers and electricians. While these still exist, there is far more on offer. Apprenticeships can be in a lot of different industries from engineering and boat building to nursing and accountancy – with equal opportunities for men and women and with 180 types of apprenticeship available, you may just discover that your company can hire, grow and develop all with ease.

So if your business needs a boost, or you’re unsure of what help is available to you, then this webTV show could provide some vital answers. Skills Minister Lord Tony Young, Simon Waugh of the National Apprenticeship Service and Dave Walsh, BT’s Head of Apprenticeships, will tell you everything you need to know about the kind of training schemes available to you and how your business can gain from it. They will also be answering your questions live online.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Skills and Apprenticeships ( Skills Minister) Lord Tony Young, Simon Waugh of the National Apprenticeship Service and Dave Walsh, BT’s Head of Apprenticeships join us live online to discuss Apprenticeships.

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