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TV’s ‘Trading Up’ Expert answers your home improvement questions

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Be warned, the days of sitting back and ignoring all those little household and garden chores is over. It is time to get rid of all those dried drops of paint on your window sills, stains on your carpets and with Spring finally here, now is the perfect time to get out in the garden and cut the lawn!

But don’t worry if you don’t know where to start when. We have BBC TV’s Trading Up presenter Michael Holmes and Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins with the solutions to all your problems at their fingertips.

As part of the WD-40 Dream Team there is hardly anything botanical genius Chris, a former Head Gardener at Westminster Abbey, doesn’t know about the best ways to clean your trowel and spade or how to tend your roses. More importantly he is willing to let you into a few of his professional secrets. His partner Michael, meanwhile, as one of the UK’s top property experts, is ready with his list of failsafe tips to stop all those irritating creaks and squeaks around the house.

BBC Blue Peter gardener Chris Collins and property expert Michael Holmes discuss solving all your household and gardening problems.

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