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In Business

In this first in a series of live events and webinars, we will discuss the announcement at the beginning of June of a new commercial strategy for the Lufthansa Group. It included the news that from the 1st of September Lufthansa group airlines - Austrian, Brussels, Swiss and Lufthansa - will add a surcharge, a "Distribution Cost Charge" of €16 for bookings made via a global distribution system or GDS - the plumbing that has linked the global network of airlines and other travel suppliers to travel agencies and on to the customer for the past few decades.... read more
Took place on 13/07/2015

In Healthcare

Live online panel debate on the official licencing of the morning-after pill... read more
Took place on 17/06/2015

In Travel

Oman is a place where modern development peacefully coincides with truly ancient architecture, culture and heritage - ideal for family holidays, year round climate, great deals for summer getaways, luxury resorts, boutique hotels and spas, 3 x 18 hole golf courses, sailing, diving and dolphin watching - and is a world away from its neighbours, offering a truly unique style of holiday where beauty has an address.... read more
Took place on 02/04/2015

In Lifestyle

Tiredness can make us irritable and grumpy, reduce productivity levels, increase our anxiety levels, lead to weight increase as we eat to counter a lack of energy as well as weakening our immune system as our sleepless nights build up.... read more
Took place on 26/02/2015

In Parenting

We show you how to implement simple changes to your children's bedtime routine to get your offspring ready for the forthcoming clock change helping to ensure your little ones spend that extra hour in bed... read more
Took place on 10/10/2014

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