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'Ahead of its Time' - A History of Benenden Healthcare Society

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Wednesday 7th December marks the unveiling of 'Ahead of its Time' and so at 09:30 we are inviting you to join us live online for an exclusive preview and to learn more about this gripping documentary which reveals the tale behind Charles Garland's first historic steps towards founding what was to become Benenden Healthcare Society.

The compelling tale of how he made affordable, life-saving treatment available to co-workers with tuberculosis is as relevant now as it was then and his ground-breaking model is still in use today. Garland's legacy has continued to grow and develop into a mutual health and wellbeing organisation with a membership of over 900,000 people.

We will be joined by award winning director from independent film-makers Trafalgar Productions, Barney Broom, and René Fraioli from Benenden Healthcare Society to discuss the Society, its history and just how far it has come –excitingly, you will have the opportunity to pose your questions and comments to Barney and René, so please do send in your questions to be answered live in the show.


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