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An Accidental Masterstroke

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Ice lollies, potato chips and even the humble sandwich are all popular foods that were discovered or invented by mistake and one of the most popular wines in the UK today was also discovered thanks to an accidental masterstroke.

Thirty years ago, at a time when Sauvignon Blanc was known only as a French grape variety, pioneering winemakers planted the first Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the Marlborough region of New Zealand. However, in what would turn out to be an accidental masterstroke and contrary to accepted practice, Montana planted their vineyard rows west to east rather than north to south. Surprisingly, this gave the winemakers a broader range of grapes to blend from, creating a unique approach to grape growing and resulting in a vibrant flavour never experienced before.

This fortuitous discovery raised the profile of New Zealand wines in the UK and created a huge demand for them. It put New Zealand on the map as a hub for wine excellence, in turn boosting their economy and tourism industries. Today, Montana is the world’s number one New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and continues to win awards the world over.

To find out more about the journey from grape to glass, have your wine related questions answered and take part in this exciting wine tasting event, simply pour yourself a glass and sit back and relax.

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