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Be Lungworm Aware with Vet Joe Inglis

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We all want to keep our dog safe. As extended members of the family we can become very attached to them. We want what's best for our pet and may think we do everything we can to keep them from harm, but many dog owners are unaware of a potentially fatal threat which could be lurking in our gardens, or out on a favourite walk. 

A deadly infection caused by a parasite is making its way through the British Isles. A significant number of dog-owners admit they that don't know anything about lungworm (A. vasorum) and half have never heard of it. The life-threatening infection is carried by slugs and snails which can then be eaten by dogs, either on purpose or by accident. Symptoms of the disease can be many and varied and can be confused with other illnesses, so it's important to be clued up on this spreading threat.

So what can you do to protect your pooch? Fortunately we have pet veterinarian Joe Inglis who will be live online in our web TV show to answer all your questions on protecting your dog. So submit a question now or tune in on the day – your puppy will thank you later!

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