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Between a Rock and a Beautiful Place

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There’s more to Gibraltar than meets the eye

Are you wondering where you can find a truly alternative 2008 travel experience? There are not many destinations that provide the opportunity to explore two continents, but Gibraltar's position at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula means it is only a 20 minute ferry ride from North Africa and a mere daytrip from the Costa Del Sol. Its location coupled with its breathtaking scenery, wildlife and architecture means that Gibraltar is fast becoming a sought after holiday spot.

As well as being an iconic destination thanks to the Rock of Gibraltar, the province also offers a spectacular diving experience with over 30 wrecks, reefs and pinnacles to explore. Those wanting to relax and take things at a slower pace will be glad to hear that Gibraltar boasts three beautiful sandy beaches. It is also a haven for golf-lovers with 10 courses in a five-mile radius – perfect for anyone wanting to perfect their putting. And as a VAT free jurisdiction, it is also a shopping mecca, particularly in the popular Main Street.

To tell us all about this diverse travel experience we’ve got Albert Poggio OBE – Director of the Gibraltar Tourist Board. He's the man with all the facts about this Mediterranean paradise at his fingertips so why not tune and find out more…

Albert Poggio OBE – Director of the Gibraltar Tourist Board joins us on Monday 19th November at 3pm to discuss Gibraltar

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