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Have we become a nation of demanding divas?

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You work long hours, earn a decent living and are determined to make the most of what little leisure time you have. You shop both online and in the high street, are more likely to download a CD than buy it in a shop and have thrown out your VCR as Video On Demand TV means you’ll never miss Corrie again.

Sound familiar?

As more of us enter the professional classes, we seem determined not to fall into the trap of being cash rich and time poor. To compensate for this, we have become more demanding in all areas of our lives. From food, fashion, work schedules to lifestyle, we can personalise everything we do and we’re making changes to tailor things to our own needs.

Pringles Light Aromas has commissioned research into this new phenomenon. What has sparked this demand for the best? Are women more demanding than men? And which areas of our lives are we most demanding about?

Dr Linda Papadopoulos joined us live online on 9th February to reveal the survey results and discuss why we’ve become so picky.

Dr Papadopoulos is one of the best-known and well-respected psychologists in the UK. Originally known by the public for her regular appearances and insightful commentary on the television programme Big Brother, Dr Papadopoulos also enjoyed a four-month stint as resident psychologist on The Big Breakfast and soon after joined Cosmopolitan Magazine as contributing editor with a regular monthly column.

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