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DIY masterclass with Julia Kendell - presenter of DIY SOS

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Does the idea of having to carry out DIY bring you out in a cold sweat? Are you someone that finds yourself having to shell out regularly for external workmen to do jobs around the home? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, according to a survey carried out by Tarmac Building Products, millions of us are reluctant to carry out maintenance for a variety of reasons, which also means we could be wasting a lot of money getting in workmen when we could be doing it ourselves.

But DIY doesn’t always have to be difficult and a simple plan of attack and a few basic skills can turn you from a DIY nightmare to a DIY dream, which is where Julia Kendell comes in. Armed with a bit of confidence and nous, her tips will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to get your home ready for summer.

Watch our live webTV show where Julia will impart her invaluable advice, sharing some practical advice so you can have the confidence to get DIYing around the home.

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