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Does red tape and legislation mean the end of the school trip?

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There are some students who learn better from practical application, and the traditional classroom setting is not always the right environment. Research has shown that students are more engaged when learning outside the classroom and also benefit from a social and cultural education at the same time.

School trips to museums or places of cultural interest can provide that much needed stimulus and enable students to engage fully in the subject matter, and overseas trips offer an invaluable immersion in other cultures and languages.

But despite all the benefits, organising a school trip for your class can be difficult, especially a residential trip, due to the increasingly amount of administration involved. So what do you need to be aware of? And what school trip friendly destinations are available and at what cost?

To help you plan and give you some inspiration, Beth Gardner, Chief Executive for the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and Ian Finlay the Managing Director of the Education Division at TUI Travel PLC will be joining us for a live WebTV show. They will be answering your questions and offering their advice on the benefits of school trips and how to get the most out of them for your students, their top destinations, and what help is available for teachers who want to take students out of the classroom but are struggling to navigate all the regulations.

Beth Gardner and Ian Finlay join us live online at on Monday 29th November at 13:00 to discuss the value of school trips

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