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Exams – you are not alone

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If you’re taking your exams this month chances are your stress levels will be through the roof.

Research by Samaritans shows that the pressure to achieve high marks is one of the biggest worries for nearly a third (30%) of young people aged 18-24. Exams can bring a whirlwind of emotions from panic and fear of failure to anxiety about the future, but it is important to remember you are not alone.

Feeling anxious is normal and loads of your friends will be feeling exactly the same. It always helps to talk things through so don’t keep it to yourself. Remember friends and family are there to chat to and support you, and in many cases will have been through – or are going through – the same experience.

Also try to remember there are some easy ways to manage your stress. Youth mental health expert, Dr Mike Shooter advises the following: preparation is key; plan your revision well in advance and don’t overload yourself by trying to do too much in one go – break it into manageable chunks. Make sure you eat and drink enough to keep your energy levels up and most importantly, keep things in perspective. While exams are important, they are not your only chance at success in life.

If you need some further tips on how to prepare or some advice on how to de-stress, log onto this live webTV show where you can send in your questions and get impartial advice from Dr Mike Shooter, Samaritans’ trustee and student Edel Buggy who did her A-levels last year.

Dr Mike Shooter and Edel Buggy join us live online at on Thursday 27th May at 7pm to discuss exam stress

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