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Gareth Southgate and the Football Foundation's Paul Thorogood discuss the state of grass roots football

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With the domestic football season coming to an end and the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship fast approaching, football is once again gripping the nation. 

And while the national team will carry the hopes and dreams of the country out to Poland and the Ukraine, a ground-breaking report has been published showing a burgeoning grassroots football scene in England.

The first of its kind Monitoring and Evaluation report from the Football Foundation shows the true impact of its twelve years of investment in state-of-the-art facilities, with football participation figures continuing to rise across the country at its sites.

Log on to our live Web TV show where DJ Spoony will put your questions to Gareth Southgate, Head of Elite Development at the FA and Paul Thorogood Chief Executive of the Football Foundation, as they discuss the importance of grass roots football in England, what it means for the future of the game in this country.

The Football Foundation is funded by The FA, the Premier League and the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.  


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