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How to make your New Year's diet a success this year

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Millions of mothers will be about to, or will have already started a new year’s diet in the last few days. But how many of us will have fallen off the wagon by the end of the week?

Let’s face it, more women probably start diets in the first week of January that at any other time of the year after finding on January the 1st, that after the over-indulgent festive period, their jeans are just a little bit tighter, or their favourite dress no longer does up.

The start of a new year is also a time when many of us reassess our lives and for mothers, that often means declaring that this is the year we get the body of our dreams and finally shift the last of the baby weight.

But regardless of when we embark on a new healthy eating plan or exercise regime, sticking to our guns is never easy as busy mums, temptation, leftover baby food and a lack of willpower kicks in and all our good intentions become a distant memory.

So why do so many women fail on diets? What is the secret to success for those lucky few who do succeed? And if you’re embarking on a New Year’s diet, what are the biggest mistakes you can make and what are the best things you can do to help you stick to your new regime and ultimately get the body you’ve always wanted?

Mother of two Mica Paris knows all about the diet rollercoaster, but after years of yo-yo dieting she now maintains a healthy weight thanks to a few easy and simple secrets. She’s joined with XLS-Medical Fat Binder in conjunction with new weight loss programme ‘123 Hello Me’, a new easy to follow plan, to help women lose weight for life.

Log on to our Web TV Show for top tips and advice from Mica and Professor David Haslam to give you the motivation and information you need to make your New Year’s diet your most successful ever.

Mica Paris and Professor David Haslam joins us live online on January 3rd at 15:30

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