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How to rent out your property to holidaymakers

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Renting out your property to holiday makers can be a lucrative business. Whether you have a holiday home, or you rent your actual home out when you head away, or even just a spare room to a traveler when you’re still there, there are many ways of making money from existing property.

However, things such as marketing your property so that people know your home is available for rent, deposits, safety, insurance and having an official agreement are vital. Without these crucial details in place, a number of issues can arise. It is essential to be aware of procedures to follow when becoming a short-term holiday let landlord in order to prevent problems for you and your potential guests.

How do you list your home? How do you know how much to charge? What happens if your property is left damaged? Is your property located in a location that holidaymakers are likely to visit? Is this a better option than long-term letting?

Watch our live and interactive webTV show where Simon Dance from HouseTrip, Property Editor Julian Knight and case study Olga Fetisova who has rented her properties to travelers and gives her tips and advice so that you know exactly what to do if you’re considering renting your property or spare room to holidaymakers.  

Simon Dance, of HouseTrip, Property Editor Julian Knight and Lana Gower joins us live online on Wednesday 12th December 2012 at 2pm.


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