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Keep track of your pet

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We all want to keep our much loved pet safe, and there is no greater worry than losing them. It’s a sad fact that nearly 1000 pets go missing every day and only a small proportion of them ever find their way home. Pets can stray for a number of reasons; they can become spooked during thunder storms or firework season, wander too far from home or become a little too curious whilst out on a walk.

As collars can easily drop off, micro chipping your pet is a much more effective way of making sure they do not stray too far from home. However there is a wealth of information out there which can be very confusing.

There are lots of chips available and it can be hard to know which is best. Microchips can range vastly in terms of quality and readability so it is important to get the right one. It is also vital that there is a robust database available for the lifetime of your pet to ensure peace of mind and make sure your prying pooch or travelling tortoise can be found quickly.

You can micro chip any pet! From fish (yes really!) to skunks and even teddy bears (5 were chipped in 2003), our much loved animals are clearly very important to us.

So how can you cut through the information and get the basics about micro chipping? Fortunately we have pet veterinarian Emma Milne, along with Caroline Kisko of the Kennel Club, who will be live online in our web TV show to answer all your questions on keeping track of your pet. So submit a question now or tune in on the day – your pet will thank you later!

Emma Milne joins us live online at on Friday 28th May at 13.00 to discuss micro chipping

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