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Love Your Gut

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With school holidays well underway, many parents will be spending most of their time running around after their children making sure they’re entertained, watered and fed.

But while we devote weeks on end to our youngsters and their school holiday needs, many of us will spend most of the summer break neglecting our own needs; whether that’s giving ourselves a breather with a cup of tea and a five minute break or even making sure we are eating correctly.

With rushed meals, a summer of BBQ’s and children’s parties, chances are we could pile on a few pounds and its likely our stomachs will really end up suffering the effects of this hectic season.

Excess weight around our midriffs is not only unsightly; it’s also a big threat to our health. Experts say tummy fat can significantly increase our risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, acid reflux and other digestive problems.

So what’s the secret to trimming the inches off our middles and ensuring our guts are as healthy on the inside as well as out? has joined forces with TV’s Dr Christian Jessen to show how the battle against the bulge can be won safely and effectively. If you are in need of some tummy tips, log onto our live Web TV show with Dr Christian. He will be offering his advice as well as explaining why it’s so important to pay attention to any symptoms you may be experiencing after an indulgent summer of sausages.

Dr Christian Jessen joins us live on the 23rd of August at 15.00pm to discuss Gut Week and how you can get your tummy back in shape from the inside out after a busy and indulgent summer.

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