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Music Gig Guide 2011/12

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The festival season may be coming to an end but for music lovers, there are still a whole host of big events to look out for. 2011 has certainly been the year of the sold out stadium tour, from Take That and Lady Gaga to Kings of Leon, and it continues with the country legend that is Dolly Parton coming to the UK in September, George Michael and Katy Perry rolling into town to perform in October and Rihanna embarking on a three month tour of the UK from October to December.

Whatever our music preferences, most of us are desperate to see our favourite acts but getting in there quick enough before tickets sell out, isn’t exactly easy. Someone who knows all about the best events to look out for is radio DJ and TV presenter Dave Berry. Taking us through some of his favourite music events of the year so far, in this live and interactive webTV show brought to you by Etap Hotel, he’ll be answering your questions and also offering tips and advice on tours to look out for next year in the UK and around the globe.

Dave will also talk about beating the online crowds when scrambling for tickets and looking at other great venues away from home, from elsewhere in the UK to our European neighbours across the pond.

Dave Berry joins us live online at www.studiotalk.tv on Friday 19th August at 3pm to

discuss  the best music tours and events

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