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Results Day Dilemmas?

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Are you or is someone you know about to receive their AS or A2 Level results? If so you’re probably confused over what step to take next. The range of options can seem like a minefield, especially if grades are better or worse than expected. At this crucial time you need as much advice as possible to make the right decision – whether that’s accepting an existing university offer, going through clearing, embarking on a vocational qualification or entering the workplace.

Even if the results aren’t as good as hoped, students have more pathways available to them than ever before – it’s just a question of keeping calm and knowing what the options are. According to recent research by examining body Edexcel, the majority of Brits agree that the choices we make about our educational route when we leave school affects our entire careers.

On Thursday 20th August thousands of A2 and AS Level students across the county will be getting their results - with GCSE students following suit next Thursday. Our WebTV Show will guide students through the range of options available to them with Edexcel’s Online Manager Tom Shooter. Joining Tom is AS Level student Helena Besley, who knows exactly what students are going through at this exciting but apprehensive time. Click below to make sure they answer any questions you might have.

Tom Shooter and Helena Besley join us live online to discuss Results Day options.

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