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SAGA SPEAKS TO... David Cameron

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David Cameron has agreed to face questions from Britain’s over 50s; the first in a series of interactive video
web chats with the main parties’ leaders to be broadcast starting this week.

In February Saga published a manifesto highlighting the most important aspects of the upcoming election and making clear what the major political parties must do to attract the silver vote. This manifesto was sent to every MP and the leaders responded in person in Saga Magazine.

The magazine then invited its millions of readers and web users to post questions to the three main party leaders, and many thousands responded. In these webTV interviews the leaders will answer a representative sample of tough questions and explain what they will do to attract older voters, who for the first time will be the largest demographic in the electorate. With almost two thirds of older voters certain to vote, compared with roughly one quarter of those aged 18-34, they have a big say in the coming election.

So when it comes to finances and society, retirement and care, what have the Conservatives got in mind? At Friday’s live webTV show members of a specially invited studio audience will be able to put their questions personally to David Cameron.

David Cameron joins us live online on Friday 26th March at 5:30pm  to discuss the general election and the importance of the silver vote

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