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Students: Train your brain

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You’ve been off all summer and it’s always painful gearing up for the beginning of a new academic year. If you’re heading off to University this month, getting ready for new classes, as well as all the socialising on offer, can be tough. Your routine is likely to be disrupted and getting back into a pattern where you feel physically and mentally prepared for the day isn’t always easy.

There are things that you can do though, from brain training games to simply looking after yourself. The most basic changes can have an impact. If you’re going back after a gap year or just returning after the summer hols, it’s possible you’re out of the habit of taking a regular morning meal. You’re not alone. While nutritionists agree that brekkie is the most important meal of the day, the fact is that one in six adults skip it.

Your brain needs energy in the mornings if you’re going to be able to focus on your lectures or your work. Nutritionist Sara Collie is hosting a webchat for Kellogg’s National Breakfast Week in which she’ll be offering tips and advice on how even the most inept fresher can bolster their brekkie in a few minutes. Whether you want to pick up essential nutrition tips or learn how to construct a degree-worthy culinary masterpiece from simple, fresh ingredients, Sara’s on hand to answer all your questions.

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