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The risk of undiagnosed food allergies in young children

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Join presenter and parent Jenni Falconer and Dr Adam Fox, expert in Paediatric Allergy to discuss and advise on making the all-important link between the symptoms of cows’ milk allergy in young children and how best to take action.

In recent years the issue of childhood allergies has become a hot topic for parents and media alike. However, one such allergy, which is actually the most common food allergy among infants, is still largely unknown to parents, barely reported in the media and can go undiagnosed by healthcare professionals for many months due to the common and diverse symptoms it often presents with. This is one of the reasons charity Allergy UK is urging both healthcare professionals and parents to educate themselves on the subject of cows’ milk allergy (CMA). Cows’ milk allergy can cause distressing symptoms to young children, disrupt family life and often requires repeated visits to the GP or specialist services. 

The positive news is that with prompt diagnosis, treatment and expert dietary advice, CMA can be effectively managed and its impact reduced to a minimum. However, for CMA to be treated promptly and effectively it must first be diagnosed; and experts say the problem of diagnosis lies in the symptoms being both diverse and common – including skin disorders, reflux, diarrhoea and respiratory complaints, which are often first attributed to other conditions. 

It is regrettable therefore that lengthy and unnecessary delays appear to be commonplace in the diagnosis of CMA.  

So what should you do if you suspect a connection between the symptoms your child might be exhibiting and cows’ milk allergy? And what help is currently available if you suspect your child is experiencing symptoms deriving from food allergy? To mark the launch of a nationwide awareness campaign – ACT on CMA – we’re joined today by Dr. Adam Fox and Jenni Falconer.


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