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The great education debate

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Are you interested in the state of education in this country? Do you feel that the world is changing rapidly but the education system is failing to change at the same pace? As a country are we failing our children by not giving them the opportunity to develop their individual talents and explore the many paths to success? Do you wish to see more about this important education debate on the run up to the election?

Edge is an independent education foundation, dedicated to raising the stature of practical and vocational learning. Edge believes the education system needs to include a broad curriculum that combines academic, practical and vocational learning providing a suitable educational experience for all children.

By developing their Six Steps to Change Manifesto, Edge has outlined the changes they would like to see the three main political parties include which will significantly raise the stature of practical and vocational learning in the UK. But what do you think? How will this change the experience you have of education?

Join Sir Mike and his team, including Pete Henshaw, Editor of widely respected education magazines SecEd and Delivering Diplomas, to discuss this further and have your say on education and in particular on practical and vocational learning. Submit your comments and questions and tune in on the 22nd March to join the debate.

Sir Mike Tomlinson and guests will be joining us live online at on Monday 22nd March at 16:30.

For more information and to find the details of the Six Steps to Change visit

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