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Three steps to healthy skin

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November is the second annual Healthy Skin Month, which this year takes as its theme our skin’s three fundamental rights to stay healthy. Although our skin may is the largest of our body’s organs, it’s easy to forget that it’s entitled to care and attention if it’s going to stay healthy. Not just in summer months but all year round, skin has rights to Protection, Natural pH balance and Moisturisation if it’s going to remain in the best possible health and keep on looking great.

Log on to our live webchat with consultant dermatologist Dr Bav Shergill and skin specialists Mathew Patey of the British Skin Foundation and Nina Goad...for expert advice on keeping your skin in the pink. Whether you’re in search of the ideal regime or want to know which products you should choose for your particular skin type, the trio are on hand to crack your skincare conundrums. They will tell you also about the rest of what Healthy Skin Month, sponsored by Sanex, has to offer to people who really care about their skin. Log in to the chat and protect your skin’s rights.

Dr Bav Shergill and Matthew Patey and Nina Goad join us to discuss Healthy Skin Month.

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