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Watch Damien O'Brien in the first ever live magic show on Facebook

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Professional illusionist Damien O'Brien and National Grid will present the first ever live magic show streamed through Facebook to mark the climax of a month-long campaign to teach students the tricks to living safely as they move into new accommodation at the start of the university year.

With over 50% of students in rented accommodation saying their boiler does not have the gas safety certificate their landlord should by law provide and nearly 90% saying they wouldn’t know who to call if they suspected a gas or CO leak the potential dangers are obvious. 

25 year old Damien O'Brien, who recently featured on Penn and Teller, has been working with National Grid throughout the month to promote a series of videos to help make sure that students are under no illusion when it comes to safety.

For your chance to see some of Damien’s never seen before tricks and illusions, make sure you tune in for this exclusive show. This is one not to miss!

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