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Q&A: Freddie Flintoff

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Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff is an icon of British sport, having captivated the nation with his gutsy and world-class performances for the England Cricket team over his hugely successful 11 year career.

As well as being one of our greatest ever all-rounders, he was also famous for being a hugely popular character  – who could forget the lovable larrikin’s  legendary celebrations after the England team’s historic Ashes victory over great rivals Australia in 2005.

However, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to our Freddie, he isn’t just cricket bats and pads, he is also a father and the face of Jacamo.

Recent research from the men’s clothing retailer reveals that one in three men admit their fashion strategy is usually chucking on anything they can find in less than two minutes. It’s no surprise then, that one in four men get their partner or mother to buy their clothes for them, while half of men even ask their mum or partner to lay out their next-day outfit.

So that’s why Freddie has teamed up with Jacamo, to give the nation’s men a helping hand in the wardrobe department.

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