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Your embarrassing health questions answered

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Girls, are you suffering from something embarrassing and haven’t a clue what it is?  Some intimate health issues can leave us feeling nervous about what could be wrong, and yet we’re too self conscious to chat about it with others.

Even if you confide in your closest friend or mum, does simply the thought of visiting your GP about an embarrassing or intimate health concern cause you to break out in a hot sweat?

With many of us uncomfortable and sometimes even ashamed to share our intimate health complaints, we may find ourselves turning to the wealth of information online for answers.  Whilst this can take away some of the awkwardness it is often hard to find all the facts which can result in misdiagnosis and mistreatment of what would otherwise be an easily diagnosed and treated infection.

Whether your worrying problem is incontinence, an abnormal, unpleasant fishy odour, or of a sexual nature such as pain during intercourse, it is important to seek professional advice to ensure the problem doesn’t remain untreated.

Balance Activ are launching a campaign to coincide with National BV Day on 18th April to help provide women with all the advice and information they need to make the correct diagnosis and empower them  to talk openly about embarrassing problems. So log onto our live and interactive WebTV show where Dr Dawn Harper will answer your health questions, give advice on problems that could be keeping you awake at night and alert you to the implications of not getting the right help and treatment.


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