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Be positive and shed the post Christmas pounds

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Over the Christmas period alone, the average person piles on a staggering 8lbs (over half a stone) in weight thanks to festive food, drink and partying and it can take up to three months to lose that seasonal flab. Add that to New Year resolutions, festive hangovers and a hefty dose of guilt and it all equates to a dismal January for most women, so why diet and be miserable when you can lose the weight and be happy?

It’s a well known fact that if women approach slimming in the right frame of mind then they are more likely to succeed and Slim.Happy is a new approach to weight loss from Slim.Fast – just because watching your weight is a part of life doesn’t mean it has to rule it.

Slim.Happy is all about losing the guilt as well as the weight and enjoying life. Why not kiss a picture of your old self goodbye on the 1st January, take a daily dose of mirth and even find a friend who also wants to lose some weight – a problem shared is a problem halved! Make sure you enjoy everyday and give yourself a pat on the back every time you reach a personal goal.

Happyvisor, Jenni Trent-Hughes, is an expert in women’s psychology and has some great advice on how to make dieting an enjoyable experience rather than a chore, laugh through the bad times and make 2007 a magical new world for slimmers. Noshtritionist, Fiona Hunter, is an authority on dieting issues and is great at dishing out advice on controlling food cravings, nutritional needs and cooking light. She has a great supply of tasty recipes – all of which are less than 600 calories!

Join Fiona & Jenni online on Friday 5th January at 1pm as they offer advice on a happy dieting new year.

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