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Emotional Britain?

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The French do it, so do the Spanish and the Italians have perfected it as an art form, however us Brits still struggle to open up emotionally and let the tears flow. Despite being a modern nation full of so-called metrosexual males, it seems we still bottle up our feelings. The British stiff upper lip remained firmly buttoned in 2006.

Now that 2007 has arrived Brits are being encouraged to make a New Year’s resolution and let it out. Whilst a whopping 66% of Britons are most likely to let out a good chuckle many still hold back on expressing other emotions. New research by Kleenex shows most of us are afraid of expressing feelings as our peers will think it’s ‘inappropriate’ and 23% say public displays of emotion make them feel uncomfortable.

The new Let It Out campaign will actively help Brits to get over the social stigmas of expressing their emotions by letting go of their inhibitions and having a good laugh or real sob. The research also reveals that when we do succumb to our emotions 70% would prefer to do it in person, with 6% choosing to talk over the phone and 5% opting to email. Two thirds of us rank a good listener top of the list when it comes to showing our emotional personality. Women (33%) would prefer to express their emotions with a cup of tea and 38% clutching a box of tissues while a third of men would prefer talking over a pint.

Surprisingly, more men (45%), than women (36%), feel happier after having expressed their emotions. Even though 72% think that bottling up emotions would be ‘bad for your health’ and that as a nation we should express our emotions more, less than 20% had actually done so in the last 24 hours, and one in five couldn’t remember the last time they had.

Kate Fox, author of Watching the English, joins us online on Monday 22nd January at 2.30pm to discuss the British problem of expressing their emotions.

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