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Beat the crunch

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Finance Expert Lawrence Gold invites you to give him a run for his money…

With the credit crunch pushing up the costs of living a new report, due out next week, claims that Britons could be facing the most expensive month of the year.

Consider just some of the report’s findings:

· One in five homeowners say their fixed rate deal comes to an end this month, hiking their largest monthly outgoing

· Gas, water and electricity bills will be their highest ever as rises announced earlier this year filter through in May

· Your annual TV Licence fee will also be coming through the door this month.

· Brits are overhauling their wardrobe for summer

· May has two bank holiday weekends in which to amuse ourselves...

So how on earth are we going to make ends meet?

To answer all your questions and to give us some tips and advice for the rather rocky year ahead we’ve got TV Finance Expert Lawrence Gold dropping into the studio. Lawrence is a mastermind when it comes to money matters and knows exactly how to cut corners on your costs without sacrificing your quality of life. Since this is a live webchat you’ll be able to submit all your finance-related questions for Lawrence to answer, so why not give Lawrence a run for his money?

Lawrence Gold and Dominic Stinton of report authors TalkTalk join Consumer Show presenter Lis Speight live online on Tuesday 6th May at 13:45 to discuss personal finance strategies.

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