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Are Britain's small firms 'Open for Business'?

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George Osborne recently declared Britain was ‘open for business’ but while Britain is no longer officially in recession, times will continue to be tough for many businesses.

Investments in areas such as recruitment, equipment and new premises have had to take a backseat and despite the improving economic situation it doesn’t mean that things are going to get any easier overnight.

For some businesses then, support is available and there is growing opportunity for them to revisit their investment and capital expenditure plans.

So how can you ensure that your business is positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities over the next 12 months?

If you feel in need of some advice on how to move things forward then log onto this live webTV show where Colin Fyfe, the divisional director for Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks will be offering his recommendations along with how their new Investment for Growth package could benefit you.

Colin Fyfe joins us live online on Friday 2nd July at 12.45 to discuss  the future of British businesses

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