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Can a broken heart make you ill?

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Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, but tell that to those of us who are actually suffering with heart ache.

Watching happy couples celebrate their love for each other when you’re nursing a broken heart can be unbearable for many; but not only that, medical studies now show that a broken heart is an actual medical condition.

Our webTV show looks at whether it is possible for a broken heart to make you ill, as well as the findings of our new research, which reveals how many times the average man and woman get their heart broken in a lifetime.

We’ll also be giving you advice and tips on how you can you mend a broken heart in a healthy and constructive way.

So tune in to our live and interactive web TV show where Cardiologist from benenden health Hospital, Dr Robert Gerber and Corinne Sweet, Relationship Expert and Psychologist talk about your heart and psychological health following a break up, as well as ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless of your relationship status.

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