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Business threats, opportunities and issues exposed by UK digital diet

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The passing of the Digital Economy Act in April has thrown up a whole host of issues for those of us in the digital entertainment industry. No longer a niche industry, but resolutely mainstream, how many businesses are able to get to grips with the lightning speed at which the world of digital entertainment and consumer behaviour is changing?

As a new report suggests consumer behaviour and attitudes are shifting almost as quickly as new technology itself is emerging, how can organisations large and small, new and established, keep up to speed with key commercial issues affecting them and shaping the industry at large?

Social media is now very much for the masses, but how permissive can brands be in reaching audiences in this way and what do consumers really feel about brand presence in their online socialising? In turn, how many consumers are more than happy to become brand advocates or virtual ‘traders’ on social networks?

Are the government's latest moves to prevent piracy and foster legal alternatives understood and supported by consumers? Do consumers understand what copyright is and how to ensure their computers aren't used to infringe? Are people likely to stop infringement when the DEA moves into action?

What does the dawn of 3D TV and the inexorable rise of Apps mean for the TV and mobile industry alike?

These are just some of the subjects for discussion to mark the publication of the annual Digital Entertainment Research report commissioned by leading media law firm Wiggin, which analyses the attitudes and preferences of digitally active consumers across all digital platforms.

Morgan Holt, Director of Digital Public & former Big Brother producer joins Alexander Ross from media law firm Wiggin, live online at on Friday 28th May 2010 to discuss the critical issues we need to address to remain a global leader in the digital entertainment world.

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