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Climb The Career Ladder

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<p>Careers Adviser Jordan Tanner and former apprentice Hannah Worsley join us live in the studio to talk about what steps young people should be taking to get on the first rung of the career ladder Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of Jamie Oliver or Sir Richard Branson? Or do you have a burning desire to make it big in business? If so, we have a special appointment with Jordan Tanner on behalf of the Learning and Skills Council, who&#65533;s here today to tell us how you can make those all important first steps on the career ladder. Also joining him is former apprentice Hannah Worsley, now development manager at one of the UK&#65533;s leading childcare providers, kidsunlimited. This webchat comes to you exclusively as part of the Learning and Skills Council&#65533;s first annual Apprenticeship Week, which offers young people or anyone considering starting a new career advice and support along the way. There are more than 180 Apprenticeships available in approximately 80 sectors of industry and commerce, ranging from accountancy to football, engineering to veterinary nursing, business administration to construction. There are no set entry requirements for Apprenticeships, and anyone aged 16 and above is eligible to become an apprentice. As all apprentices are paid a salary, taking part in Apprenticeships is the ideal way to learn while you earn. So whether you see yourself as the next member of the backroom staff at your favourite football team, an engineer in waiting or a financial whiz, talk to Careers Adviser Jordan Tanner and former apprentice Hannah Worsley, who both join us now&#65533; Careers Adviser Jordan Tanner and former apprentice Hannah Worsley join us live on Thursday 28th February at 15.30 to discuss the first ever LSC Apprenticeship Week&#65533;</p>

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