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Creative thinkers wanted: Open Planet Ideas calls for your input on how technology can help preserve our planet's resources

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Just imagine if today’s technology could be re-purposed in radical ways to help solve our planet’s environmental problems? Well, a new project called Open Planet Ideas has been designed to enable you to do just that.

The project is not looking for new ideas for building environmentally-friendly products. Instead, it’s about inviting people to collaborate in finding unusual or new ways to use existing technology to do some good.

This ‘mash-up’ approach to re-using current technologies was first demonstrated by Sony last year. Working with Sony, a group of school children came up with a solution to wild forest fires using security cameras and wireless networks – a problem which causes over a billion tonnes of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere every year.

Now Sony, with WWF’s support, is calling on creative thinkers across the world to share their ideas on how today’s technology can be utilised to help us sustain the planet’s resources.

The project runs until January 2011 and following a process of collaboration and judging by an expert panel including representatives from Sony, WWF and IDEO, the winning idea will gain the chance to become a reality. Participants have until 29th November to submit their ideas.

So if you feel inspired, tune into our live webTV show, where Kate Bellingham, Dax Lovegrove from WWF and Ben Moore from Sony will be explaining what you need to do to take part, share their tips and set your creative juices flowing.

Kate Bellingham, Dax Lovegrove and Ben Moore join us live online to discuss the Sony Open Planet Ideas project.

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