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Ruby Wax saves your new year

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Are you trying to tone your abs and get back on the treadmill this Christmas? Perhaps you’re not sure what to do about your relationship status? Or maybe you’re missing some motivation and need some support? Great news – Ruby Wax will help you succeed by giving her advice on a live WebTV show.

We all know that the energy needed to accomplish our goals often fades quickly, and come February, many of us will be no closer to accomplishing our aims and will instead be feeling sad or even depressed about it.

Fortunately Ruby Wax is available to give motivational advice on getting out of that rut and accomplishing all of your goals. This is your chance to ask questions about embarrassing issues you may currently have but not be able to talk about to other people, and get advice from Ruby and Gary Siva,professional life coach and founder of the new 365 day motivation programme from

Ruby Wax and Gary Siva join us live online to discuss meeting your new year’s resolutions

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