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While the cat's away...

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As many of us prepare to jet off to sunnier shores this summer no doubt we’re more concerned with packing the right swim-suit than tying up loose ends at home. The problem is, while you’re having fun in the sun your house is left unoccupied and consequently is at greater risk of burglary.

Reformed burglar Michael Fraser joins us in the studio for a live webchat to explain just how much your home is at risk whilst you’re away. Burglary is not a new risk but because of the current economic downturn there may be an increased chance of it happening to you.

According to research conducted by AlertMe.Com over half of Brits are fearful that the credit crunch will mean a rise in crime as people increasingly struggle to keep up with the cost of living. Three quarters of people claim they would never turn to crime under any circumstances. This still leaves 1 in 4 people, however, who would turn to crime if their situation became dire enough.

If you have any questions about tightening your home security you can submit them to Michael by logging on to our live webchat.

Reformed burglar Michael Fraser and security expert Pilgrim Beart join us live online on Tuesday 24th June at 2pm to discuss tightening your home security.

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